Boyana, Sofia

The Magnoliya complex is situated in a district of Sofia, which together with its surroundings, offers beautiful natural and cultural landmarks and provides all the amenities that a modern person needs for every day life. Most importantly, it is conveniently situated close to the central parts of the city and has easy access to both public and private transport.

Boyana Church Museum

The church “St. St. Nicholas and Panteleimon ” is the most iconic, cultural and spiritual landmark in Boyana. It impresses with its unique murals. It is marked as a UNESCO world heritage under number 42. This church is also a branch of the National History Museum. Immersed in greenery, surrounded by ancient trees, it is a point of attraction for tourists from all over the world and for local visitors who come for recreational walks.

Boyana Fortress

The ancient settlement, which dates back to the Middle Ages, was located around the natural landmark Momina Skala, above the Boyana River. Surrounded by a solid fortress wall, it was also known as the fortress of Batil, Boyon or Boyan. It served to guard and oversee the area.

The fortress is located 1 km away from the Boyana Church and can be reached in about 40 minutes by a mountain hike. Although it is not fully restored today, it reveals amazing landscapes and is a favorite place for walks of Boyana residents.


Other advantages of the area include and are not limited to the charming view of Vitosha, favorable climate – cool summer, better air quality, many grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants and other services.

Air quality

Cool summer


Natural gas

Community Centre Videlina Boyana

Dating back from 1919, today the community hub is still a cultural and spiritual life centre.

Every day the community centre organises various activities dedicated to the preservation of Bulgarian traditions and customs. Here the residents and guests of Boyana can expand their knowledge and national self-awareness. The community centre actively encourages and develops the social and educational activity in Boyana district and organises classes in folk dances, folk singing, ballet, painting, woodcarving, piano and others.

Boyana Waterfall

Beautiful and majestic, the Boyana waterfall is the largest waterfall on the territory of Vitosha Mountain and in the region. It is located 5 km away from the centre of Boyana and impresses with its height of 15 m. It is most flowing and violent in the spring. On clear days, sunshine flashes through its fast waters can be seen even from the centre of Sofia – from the National Palace of Culture. The waterfall can be easily reached within an hour walk across the Boyana River. In the winter, it is a favorite place for ice climbing adrenaline lovers.