Construction with attention to every detail

The first-class quality of the residential complex is ensured by the selection of excellent materials for the foundations, floors, walls, beams, columns and the building exterior facade, as well as all by the all electricity, heating and other systems.

The apartments in the complex are finished according to the Bulgarian State Standard (BSS). This means that the apartments are offered with plastered walls and ceilings, floor screed, fully completed electrical and water installation, installed armored front doors. The car lot and the parking slots in the complex are made of polished concrete and striped.

Green roof

Roof insulation

Thermal insulation – stone wool

Granite tiles

Fire protection doors of storage rooms 

Cream bricks

Extruded polystyrene foam /XPS/

Interior doors

Acoustic basement ceilings


Suspended ceilings common areas

HVAC system


Hybrid heat pump in each apartment


Magnoliya residential complex has a monolithic, reinforced concrete, skeletal – beamless building structure. It is distinguished fot its reinforced concrete footing that can withstand high seismic activity. The building has a slab foundation.


All facade elements of the buildings in the residential complex are designed according to the seismic conditions of the area. The entire facade provides certain levels of sound insulation, which have undergone laboratory testing and ensure peace of mind of homeowners. Apartments have large panoramic windows with double glazing. There is tempered glass in all spaces with safety and security requirements.


High quality hydro – insulation is applied both on the green roofs and on the roof terraces. The waterproofing layer of the green roofs is ensured by SBS modified elastomeric membranes (BITUVER, MONOVER up to -20˚), placed over the impregnated layer at an angle. The green roof itself has been built using the NOPHADRAIN systems.

The accessible for homeowners roof terraces are hydro insulated with bitumen waterproofing, laid in two layers, protected with cold-resistant granite flooring. The rest of the roofs are insulated with bitumen waterproofing, in two layers, where the upper layer is sprinkled.

Thermal insulation

The thickness and place of the thermal insulation meet the regulatory requirements to avoid the occurence of a thermal bridge and condensation in the structure. The thermal insulation of the roof structures is XPS – FIBRAN with fire reaction class C and fire reaction class of the outer surface layer C. ROCKWOOL stone wool is placed on the walls.