Magnolia is a contemporary architectural work, with a rich park environment and well-organized infrastructure. The multi-storey residential building is divided into three levels with two entrances. It has a total of 28 apartments, including one-bedroom, two-bedroom, four-bedroom and multi-bedroom ones, with areas ranging from 90 to 420 sq.m.

The name of the residential complex is an expression of the concept of sustainability and perfection. It has been a part of the project since its inception and is expressed in the construction and overall execution of every detail. Because magnolia is one of the most ancient plants in the world and has remained unchanged for centuries, as it has been perfect since its creation.


Corner for games and entertainment for the youngest residents and guests of the complex.


Place, providing peace of mind and direct access to major traffic arteries.


Functionally designed yard with hideaway for recreation and relaxation..

Construction quality

Residential complex with 60% landscaping and construction with first class materials.

Flawless design

Apartments with with good exposure, straight and clean forms.

Freedom of imagination

Apartments are offered at a level of completion in compliance with the BDS (Bulgarian state standard). There is an option for providing finishing works and interior design services.

Maintenance and cleaning

Common areas maintenance in the residential complex are ensured by cleaning, garbage collection and technical support services. Gardening and irrigation services for all green areas preserve their beauty.

Parking and parking lots

The complex has 42 single and double parking lots located in an underground parking with convenient access. They are designed to cover the needs of apartment owners. There is an option for purchasing 2 parking lots for every apartment.

Professional maintenance of the building common areas

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